We provide Professional Liability, General Liability, and Business Owners’ Insurance to small businesses. Services are not limited to the business types listed below.

✦ Accountants
✦ Architects
✦ Bookkeepers
✦ Business consultants
✦ Chiropractors
✦ Cosmetologists/Aesthetician
✦ Education consultants
✦ Engineers
✦ Event planners and promoters
✦ Graphic designers

✦ HR consultants
✦ Interior designers
✦ IT consultants
✦ Lawyers
✦ Life/career coaches
✦ Management consultants
✦ Marketing consultants
✦ Massage therapists
✦ Mortgage Brokers
✦ Personal trainers

✦ Photographers
✦ Property managers
✦ Psychologists
✦ Public Relations
✦ Real estate agents
✦ Tax preparers
✦ Therapists
✦ Training professionals
✦ Web designers
✦ Yoga teachers

Professional Liability (E&O Insurance)

Professional liability protects you if you are sued for negligence (even if no mistake was made). You should consider this coverage if you provide a professional service.

General Liability

General Liability Insurance protects you from third-party claims for bodily injury, associated medical costs, and damage to someone else’s property. You should consider this coverage if you or any employee visit a client’s place of work, or if clients visit your place of business.

Business Owner Policy

Also known as a BOP, this combines general liability and business equipment coverage into one affordable package. You should consider this coverage if you have business equipment, such as tools, computers, printers, furniture, and are also needing general liability insurance coverage.

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