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Our Approach

Our company's mission is to educate our clients and offer various solutions to best fit their insurance needs. Our slogan "Pointing you in the right direction," is exactly what we aim to do.

Our Story

With insurance being a vital part of our everyday lives, we know how important it is to have the right coverage. Finding an agency that is knowledgeable, dedicated, and caring can be a difficult task! Golden Arrow Insurance Group was established to build an agency that will focus on their clients from the start of a policy, to the end of a claim, to ensure a great experience and high satisfaction. We're proud to provide services through multiple top rated insurance companies, which allows us to give our clients options.

Meet the Agent

Having been in a major accident herself, Melissa Pinedo not only knows the side of having to pay for insurance, but has also experienced the arduous claims process. From doctor visits, to surgery, to therapy, and a total loss vehicle, she knows the frustration, the pain, and the effects an accident can bring, and she knows how important it is not only to have insurance, but to have the right coverage. She's had the opportunity to help thousands of clients during her career as an agent for well known carriers such as Farmers, Nationwide, and Allstate, and now provides services as an independent agent to give her clients options.


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